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Best Practices

In order to use the API you need to call an endpoint URL with your private access token. You can generate your call URL on our API Playground (you must be logged in to use it).

Data Integrity

Each request may return up to 10 results matching your query. However, there may be significantly more results matching your filter parameters. To consume all the data, make sure you keep on calling the same URL string value that appears in the "next" key found in the output for each request.

totalResults: 367865,
moreResultsAvailable: 367765,
next: "/broadcastFilter?token=XXXX-XXXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX&format=json&ts=1498215346008
requestsLeft: 999889


Results are sorted by the save date, which is the data they were added to the repository. The "next" URL contains the "ts" (timestamp) paging parameter which returns posts saved after this timestamp.

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