ImageFilter API

The Dark Web contains uncensored images, for different purposes:

  • Marketplaces - Visual display of illicit products & services
  • Discussions - Visual display of services, expressions & opinions
  • Social Networks - Images of real moments, illicit products and more

Our Process

The diagram below provides a high-level process of our image process flow.

Image Processing Flow

Image Processing Flow

The Webhose automatic process detects images as part of the content.
Our image processing includes the following primary steps:

  • Validation - try to skip logo and icon images
  • Tagging - each image is hashed into an ID, and Webhose identifies similar images from different sources
  • Analysis - Analysis in 3 main aspects: metadata extraction, object identification, OCR

Image Analytics Capabilities:

  1. Meta-Data Extraction - extraction of mainstream meta-data formats including: XMP, EXIF, IPTC
  2. Object Identification - identify and extract objects such as: Person, Gun, Pill, Knife
  3. Text Identification - Optical Character Recognition (OCR) text extraction in images

All the data per relevant images is stored and available for search & filter.

Image Example

The example below depicts how a drug dealer location using GPS location embedded in the picture was detected with the Image Filter.

Image Value - GPS Location

Image Value - GPS Location

ImageFilter Data Example

The image below is a JSON example from the Webhose Image Filter API:

Updated about a year ago

What's Next

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ImageFilter API

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