Things Every Developer Should Know

The following are important facts you need to know about the API

REST API is a RESTful API, so although the data is meant to be consumed as a data stream, you need to call the API continuously in order to receive batches of data.

URL Structure

The URL query call has three parts:

  1. The API endpoint (different for each API)
  2. The HTTP GET parameter string for authentication, time period, paging, and formatting.
  3. The query string passing the filter keys and respective value pairings so the API retrieves just the data you need.

Endpoint Authentication

Authentication is confirmed via a unique access token passed in the API call URL. You can find your access token on your dashboard.

Rate Limit

All API plans include a single unique access token with a built-in rate limitation of 1 (one) request per second. To exceed that limit you'll need to add a second plan.

Output formats

We provide the data in multiple output formats you can choose from:

  • JSON
  • XML
  • RSS
  • Excel

API Security Support HTTP/HTTPS supports both HTTP and HTTPS (SSL) endpoint calls.

GET Requests

You can call the API using GET requests, for extremely long queries, split API calls into multiple shorter queries.

HTTP Status Codes





Failed to execute query: internal error


Request quota exceeded - you have reached the maximum number of allowed requests for your plan.


Rate limit exceeded


Wrong sort value


Wrong order value

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Things Every Developer Should Know

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