Best Practices

Special Permission Required

In order to use our Dark Web API, you need to be qualified.
Please contact
for more information.

In order to use the API you need to call an endpoint URL with your private access token. You can easily obtain this URL by using our query builder (you must be logged in to use it).

Data Integrity

Each request may return up to 10 posts matching your query, however there may be much more data available that matches your filter. To consume all the data, make sure you keep on calling the URL value, appearing in the "next" key in the output of each request.

totalResults: 1741271,
moreResultsAvailable: 1741171,
next: "/darkwebFilter?token=XXX-XXXX-XXXXX&format=html&from=100&q=*",
requestsLeft: 999823


Depending on the sort order you want, the "next" URL includes one of a two paging parameter:

  • Sort by crawl date (consume the data as a stream - default):
    The "next" URL contains the "ts" (timestamp) paging parameter telling the system to return results crawled after this timestamp.

  • Sort by Relevancy or by any other output field:
    The "next" URL contains the "from" paging parameter.

Important Note
Sorting by anything but crawl date (default) may result in missing important posts. If data integrity is important, you should sort by crawl date, and consume the data like a stream.

What's Next

Available parameters that are not specific to content filtering

GET/POST Parameters